Apple Acknowledges New Issues Faced in iPhone 14 Pro And 14 Pro Max Buyers

It has been reported that iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are experiencing a peculiar issue with their display, where horizontal lines appear temporarily. Apple has confirmed the problem and announced that they are currently working on a solution.

According to an internal memo from Apple obtained by MacRumors, the company has acknowledged that customers have reported seeing horizontal lines flashing across the screen when they power on or unlock their iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max devices.

It is important to note that, as per the internal memo, Apple has confirmed that the new issues faced in iPhone is not related to hardware and there will be no recall for affected devices. The company stated in the memo that it is aware of the problem and a software update to resolve it is in the works.

Apple has not specified a release date for the software update that will fix the issue with horizontal lines on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max displays. It is speculated that it may be included in the upcoming iOS 16.3 update, but this seems unlikely as it has only just entered its second public beta and typically several more betas are released before launch. It is expected that iOS 16.3 will be available in late February.

Another possibility is that the fix will be included in iOS 16.2.1, a minor point update that addresses bugs from the troubled iOS 16 launch. It is rare for Apple to publicly beta test minor point updates, so a dedicated fix could launch as soon as the company is ready.

According to MacRumors, a variety of bugs have been reported by iPhone owners running iOS 16, including issues specific to the iPhone 14 range, such as sluggish keyboard response, camera freezes, user interface glitches, and more. The report also links to complaints on various online platforms.

MacRumors has reported that a number of influential tech YouTubers have been vocal about the new issues faced in iPhone they have experienced with iOS 16.2 and the iPhone 14 models. Aaron Zollo of Zollotech tweeted, “More and more people keep telling me all the issues with iOS 16.2. Hope we get a major bug fix soon. Hearing this more each day.”

A poll by Rjey Tech found that 44% of iPhone owners have reported more app crashes since updating to iOS 16.2. Tom ‘The Tech Chap’ Honeyands also tweeted, “My iPhone 14 pro max is far the buggiest iPhone I’ve used in a LONG time… Is it just me?? (iOS 16.2)” and received thousands of responses confirming similar new issues faced in iPhone.

With iOS 16.3 still weeks away from release, it is expected that the release of iOS 16.2.1, which addresses the bugs and new issues faced in iPhone, will come sooner rather than later.

According to sources, Apple is working to release a fix for the horizontal lines bug in an iOS 16.2.1 update as soon as possible. The company is also addressing other new issues faced in iPhone from the iOS 16.2 release as a priority, but any delay will see them pushed into the next major point release, iOS 16.3 which could launch as soon as this month.

[01/19 Update: iOS 16.3 will now arrive next week, following a significantly shorter testing period than most major point updates in recent years. This means iOS 16.2.1 will bite the dust]

iOS 16.3 is a major release that will add significant new functionality, including the integration of nearby parking options into Apple Maps, improvements to Emergency SOS calls, support for third-party security keys, and new notifications for HomePod Handoffs.

It is expected that the new notifications feature for HomePod Handoffs will be released ahead of the launch of Apple’s first new HomePod since 2020. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new HomePod is said to be coming out soon, but details about the product are currently scarce. Rumors suggest that it will replace the original HomePod, rather than being an update to the newer HomePod Mini.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have had a number of bugs since their launch, including issues with the display, iMessage and FaceTime activation, CarPlay, data migration, iCloud, camera lenses, random restarts, lock screen, Dynamic Island glitches and excessive battery drain.

With leaks about the upcoming iPhone 15 already circulating, some may choose to wait for the newer model before upgrading. However, for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max owners, the software update to fix the display issue is expected to be released soon.

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